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How do you keep pace with the demands of your organization and customers and, at the same time, make the transition to an approach enabling you to continue to excel in your industry?

The Scrum Kickstarter Program will quickly engage leadership, product management and delivery teams to establish the ability to deliver greater value utilizing the Scrum Framework.

In just 2-weeks, you will have 2-3 Teams utilizing the Scrum Framework and focusing on delivering the highest priority work within your products.

Leadership Workshop


Build an understanding of why an agile mindset is necessary today. This isn't about Scrum, but 'Starting with Why'

Scrum Immersion


Immerse all participants into Scrum. Developers, Product Owners, and Managers learn what Scrum is and how it feels.

Product Preparation


Product Owners begin to create a clear vision, set of goals and conduct value stream analysis to build an initial backlog

Scrum Team Workshop


Get the team to Go. The Scrum Team builds an understanding of the day-to-day of Scrum, refine the backlog, and build a Working Agreement and Definition of Done