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Agile with PIVOCITY

"My advice is to stop emphasizing the process frameworks and start focusing on the company culture and mindsets.


-Selena Delesie

Agile with PIVOCITY

Creating Sustainable Agile Organization

The hallmark of Agile with PIVOCITY is the view that agile is a mindset; it is the way you think about approaching work.  Understanding the need to maximizing value, optimize flow, and eliminate unnecessary wastes is the key to agility.


PIVOCITY acknowledges that the frameworks, processes, and standards put in place must contain the flexibility needed to adapt to your organization and where you are on your agile journey.

Agile Coaching

Our experienced agile coaches bring a pragmatic approach to guiding you through any stage of your agile journey


PIVOCITY starts here...whether this is at the beginning of your agile journey, doing a course correction, or having learned from a previous experience, getting a fresh start.


PIVOCITY Discovery is a quick stage in which our Agile Coaches will learn about your leadership & strategy, organization & culture, people & mindset, process & metrics, and technology & tools to understand what your start is


We then work with you to generate a realistic roadmap for where you want to be. 


People - Process - Technology


Successful coaching requires that we take into consideration all aspects of the organization.  This is commonly known as the Business Triangle.  However, what is often missed is the order in which we much adopt new ways of working.


People, Process and Technology - in that order.  We must start with training your people to adopt an agile mindset, then engineer processes that fit the agile mindset, and finally utilize technology that accelerates agile teams.


Change is difficult, and it takes time.  Sometimes it takes longer than we want; however, for PIVOCITY, a successful engagement with you is when we can leave knowing that you and your teams have an agile mind, adaptable processes, and the technology to support moving faster than the speed of your competition.


When it is time for PIVOCITY to leave, we will ensure there are no remaining dependencies on our coaches.


The worst-case scenario for PIVOCITY coaches is when a team says, "What would PIVOCITY coaches do?"


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