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Because you are different, so too is the Pivocity approach. By forgoing a conventional reliance on a single framework, Pivocity’s strategic agile and management consulting coalesce Scrum,
Kanban, SAFe®, LeSS®, and a variety of additional approaches to accelerate your
organization’s distinct agile transformation.

Pivocity knows no single prescriptive approach can meet an organization’s present and future
needs and goals—which is why our approach is pragmatic. An inclusive, sensible, and realistic
mindset results in a transformation both customized and comprehensive. For Pivocity, enterprise
informs approach, and distilling the best attributes from multiple frameworks will arm an
organization with the tools to achieve current goals and meet any future challenge.

Pivocity’s perspective is also holistic, generating value across boundaries and deconstructing
silos within any organization. Whether in the financial services, commercial real estate,
manufacturing, or technology industry, Pivocity’s credentialed trainers and consultants have the
extensive technology and management experience—and the requisite practices and
partnerships—to focus on your organization’s most pressing critical issues and the opportunities
that hasten and advance its agile maturity.

Your organization’s operations, technology, transformation, and sustainability require an
unapologetically practical approach. Because you are different, Pivocity is different.